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Solicito pulidor con con 2 años de experiencia tiempo completo sueldo por hora $16.00 -18.00 llamar al 213-2496568 o acudir a 629 South Hill Street suite #304

Media Manager (Community Relations Mgr)

The Media Manager is a responsible management position characterized by the exercise of a high degree of discretion and independent judgment in the performance of assigned duties. Under direction of the Director of Communications, Deputy Executive Officer and Assistant Deputy Executive Officer of Legislative and Public Affairs, the selected candidate will be responsible for:

-Interpreting and executing South Coast AQMD rules/regulations and policies/programs as they relate to the coordination and dissemination of readily understandable information to various media outlets

-Issuing press releases and acting as the media spokesperson for the agency

-Preparing op-ed columns for newspapers and writing talking points for Governing Board members and the Executive Officer when they are being interviewed by media outlets

-Attending and networking with other media organizations at conferences, community events, public workshops, hearing and town meeting, etc.

-Supervising the media office and its staff members

Deadline – April 1, 2021 5:00pm PST
To apply, please visit our Careers page at

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